New Patient Guide

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What to expect

Welcome to Chiropractic Movement! We’re excited to have you as a new patient, and we want to ensure your experience with us is comfortable and rewarding. Here’s what you can expect on your first visit:

Before your appointment

On the day of your appointment, it’s important to avoid taking any painkillers. These can mask your symptoms, making it difficult to accurately diagnose the source of your discomfort. If you’re in need of some relief, consider using an ice pack up to one hour prior to your visit.

However, please refrain from using heat packs, as they might worsen local inflammation. Remember to bring along any relevant medical reports and images, as these will be helpful during your consultation.

Arrival at the clinic

Upon your arrival, you will be warmly welcomed by Dr Jacqui at the reception. If you haven’t had the chance to fill out our online intake form beforehand, you can do so at this time. After completing the form, you’ll be shown to the change room.

For men, we request that shirts and boots be removed.

Women will be provided with a gown for the session, with the expectation to keep on only your underwear (bras included).

Dr Jacqui will then escort you from the change room to the treatment room.

During your visit

Your first consultation is an opportunity for us to understand your health history, current issues, lifestyle, and treatment goals in depth.

The physical assessment involves six key steps.

Visualisation: We look for signs of postural imbalance in the skeletal and muscular systems, as well as any swelling or skin changes.

Instrumentation: Using the Nervoscope, a unique tool sensitive to spinal heat, we pinpoint areas of nerve pressure.

Static Palpation: This involves detecting swelling, heat, tenderness, and muscle tension.

Motion Palpation: This step assesses each spinal and pelvic segment for restricted joints, utilising the distinct Gonstead method.

X-ray Imaging: We take x-rays to get a comprehensive view of your spine’s structure. This includes checking posture, joint and disc health, vertebral alignment, and ruling out any pathologies or recent fractures. Our on-site facilities mean instant processing of images—no waiting for results.

Treatment (Adjustment): The chiropractic adjustment is a precise, hands-on correction of the affected vertebrae. It’s quick and painless, often accompanied by a sense of pressure release or increased movement. The “pop” sound is simply gas releasing from the joint.

Who We Help

We have established an age policy for our patients.

We welcome children aged 5 years and older to our clinic. Our treatments and methods are designed to suit the specific needs of this age group and above. We understand that younger children, especially babies and toddlers, require specialised care that may fall outside our scope of practice. Therefore, we do not see babies or toddlers at our clinic.

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